Software Architecture

Software Architecture Service

We are often approached by companies that have their own in-house development teams. When faced with technical problems of some kind these clients ask us to make a technical analysis of their projects with a view to finding a solution to the problem. Another common scenario is when a client opts for hiring a low-qualified and low-cost development team to act as their main development force, but they entrust the time estimation and development of the technical specification and application architecture to us.

It is critical to bear this in mind that any mistakes made during the application design phase may, in due course, turn out to be all too expensive. Quite often, improving the application’s architecture even slightly can result in a 20-30% reduction in the development costs, and a 1.5-2 times reduction in the maintenance costs.

We recommend that you choose only high-level professionals to design your application’s architecture. DuxTeam can efficiently and cost-effectively assist you with this task by offering the following services:

  • Selecting the more suitable technologies to implement the project
  • Creating technical documentation
  • Cost estimation
  • Time estimation
  • Productivity optimization
  • Cloud computing consulting

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