Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Every day hundreds of millions of people browse the web looking for products and services.

For your business to become profitable, your potential clientele must first become aware of it.
SEO optimization allows improving the search results for your web site. In other words, it will be easier for your clients to locate you on the Web.

DuxTeam is vastly experienced in making SEO-friendly websites that serve various business purposes.

Our range of SEO services includes the following:

  • Structure and content analysis
  • Technical recommendations for the development of a web site
  • Analysis and selection of keywords
  • Creating the semantic core
  • Adding references

No doubt, SEO optimization is the most cost-effective and efficient vehicle of web sites’ promotion, but its positive effect becomes evident only in several weeks, or even months.

In case you need to start selling your products immediately, we recommend that you use a combination of SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising.

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