Our Expertise

  • Highload Voting System

    The web system allows for the creation of any type of voting or survey with different strategies for the result calculation. It is fully scalable and can withstand very high load. View Details
  • Distributed Algorithms

    Multi-platform framework that allows distributed algorithms on different platforms, while managing them with using the management UI. View Details
  • Advertising Network

    Advertising network that allows the identification of users by different technologies, comprised of their interests and visited places. Then processes this information and proposes them advertisements. View Details
  • Taxi Car Determiner

    Application takes video from cameras and recognizes taxi symbols, then adds this car number into the special database, while saving a photo of this car for proof. View Details
  • Dishes Configurator

    Web application that allows clients to visually configure and order dishes (pizza, hamburger, sandwich). Kitchener receives instructions on how clients want their dishes be prepared. View Details
  • Merchandising CRM

    Web portal intended for automating the business processes of a merchandising company. The application allows management all stages of the merchandising process. View Details
  • School Diary

    Application allows parents to receive reliable information about the learning progress of their children. The information can be provided via mobile phone or through the web portal. View Details