Customer Testimonials

The app’s time-to-market was critical to us as the date of the product’s launch was fixed, and it was to become the start of a new line of business for the company.

During the tender, out of the 8 companies that took part, DuxTeam offered the shortest implementation term. We were pleased indeed when the declared deadline was met and the costs were unexpectedly reduced by another 20%!

The job was done perfectly well and the app works faultlessly. I wish your team lots of success and prosperity!

Darian Millard Owner at UK Promotion Group LLC

We really liked it the team was taking active part in the product’s development, suggesting innovative and valuable improvements. The quality is superb! Keep up the good work!

Michael Howard Product Manager

Thanks to your team for the great job and quick resolution of the arising issues.

Good luck!

Chris Perry Product Manager

What can I say, – you guys are real pros! It was a pleasure working with you!

Thomas Beckenbauer Lead Architect

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of communication and efficient interaction with this team, – the distance was no obstacle at all. It was my impression we were all sitting in the same office and not thousands of miles apart.

Lesley Campbell Project Manager

The guys do their work fast and with fine quality. They are real professionals. Highly recommended!

Aden Meyer Development Lead

In my memory, this is the only project when all bugs found after half a year of development were all fixed within one week’s time. The quality was just amazing! Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m glad to have new friends!

Lewis Page QA Lead

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