Recruiting Process

How do we recruit IT professionals?

How do we recruit IT professionals

We keep a close eye on all labor market trends and we are always on the lookout for best-in-breed experts to join our team.

Thus, we interview only those candidates who not only have a good grasp of a broad range of technologies but who are also proven team players.

Before introducing a candidate to a client, our recruitment professionals make a point of studying the candidate’s background and collecting references from their previous employers.

During the interview, the candidate must show his or her proficiency in both those technologies that are relevant to the project at hand and the technologies that are used in some other areas and may become topical.

Candidates for Web Developer and QA Engineer positions are required to have a firm grasp of SEO.

Our clients are allowed to interview all suitable candidates personally. The final decision always lies with them.

We source the suitable candidates, hold the initial interview with them, test them and organize the client’s final interview with the best.

We guarantee that the professional qualifications of all candidates are tested by us most rigorously.

A great deal of attention is paid to a candidate’s personal traits and ability to work in a team.

How do we manage to employ the best experts available?

How do we manage to employ the best experts available
  • Unlike most of the competition we keep our administrative expenses very low.
    The bulk of funds DuxTeam receives as payment for its services is paid out to the developers as compensation. This allows us to keep our employees' salaries high while also enabling us to make our pricing policy highly attractive for our clients.
    When hiring us, you don't pay for a hyped-up brand but just for the work done
  • We are flexible to always take our employees interests and wishes into account

DuxTeam offers highly comfortable working conditions. We don’t mean only the trendy office, tea and coffee on the house or table tennis – this is something offered by most other IT companies too.

We really value each member of our team and do our utmost for him or her to feel at home. Each of us is unique and deserves a tailored approach.

We pride ourselves on having the lowest employee churn in the industry.

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