Dedicated Team

Dedicated Development Team

Why do we recommend the model that is based on a flat fee paid for each developer?
This option is always more beneficial to the client!

Many companies offer the initial estimation and a flat fee-based payment model, but the project’s resulting cost always exceeds the actual project cost. This happens because the outsourcing vendor has to hedge their risks related to the accuracy of the estimation, possible changes in the volume of the work, a team member leaving the company and so forth. Thus, the most suitable model is one whereby we make a full estimation of the project’s duration and the client pays only the monthly cost of each developer.

The above model allows the client to modify the project requirements when the project is already under development, change the term of the project’s delivery or add more developers to the project team as need may be.


  • The development team becomes an extension of your own IT Department and can be managed by you
  • You don’t need to come up with a technical specification prior to the start of the project, i.e. one can start implementing the project much sooner
  • During the development, you can modify the existing functionality to better gear it toward the current market trends


  • The project budget may change
  • You will have to spend more time on your interactions with the project team and definition of the requirements

If the above cooperation option suits you or you are not sure which of the existing options is preferable in your case, please do feel free to ask us.

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