Flat Fee

Fixed Price Projects

This cooperation option is recommended if you have a set of clearly defined and documented project requirements. Normally, a flat fee is applied to minor projects or the prototypes of major future solutions. In other cases, a flat fee is not recommended.


  • The project budget is fixed
  • You don’t need to manage the team’s efforts. Your interactions with the team do not take up too much time
  • DuxTeam bears responsibility for delivering the project within the stipulated time period


  • All project requirements must be agreed upon prior to the project’s commencement
  • All project requirements remain fixed throughout the development cycle
  • Modifying the requirements results in re-estimating the cost and term of the project’s implementation, and entails changes to the contract
  • The highest implementation risks, and consequently the highest cost of the project

If the above cooperation option suits you or you are not sure which of the existing options is preferable in your case, please do feel free to ask us.

Request for Flat Fee project

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